The Day Digweed Jumped

By: Neil Feineman

John Digweed is the most responsible of guys, so, in retrospect, it was easy to dismiss his occasional comments about stage diving as simple road chatter. But ever one to keep his cards close to his chest, he surprised everyone in Detroit, not to mention his tour mates, on the Delta Heavy tour when, midway into the set, with no warning, he did the unthinkable and sailed off the stage into the arms, literally, of an equally stunned crowd. Fortunately, their reflexes were quick and propelled the DJ around the crowd and back onto the stage.

Digweed's afterglow persisted in Los Angeles, several days later, when he was still talking about it with the enthusiasm of a 16-year-old punker. The crew, who had done their share of Warped Tours and knew where this particular road could lead, was one step ahead of him. When Digweed took the stage in Austin the next night, the entire stage set up had been reconfigured so that John and Sasha were virtually imprisoned behind the equipment. And thus the career of John Digweed, Stage Diver, came to a premature but well documented end.

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