"I Went to Twilo and You Didn't"

By: Neil Feineman

In the Sasha and Digweed pantheon, there are only a handful of ways to one-up the Twilo group for sheer street cred for, even now, a decade later, few DJs have made such an impact from a single residency. To my eternal regret, I only made it to Twilo once, on a muggy night in June.

Sasha and John had just released Communicate, and were riding on a massive wave of p.r. I got there at midnight or so, and saw a line that stretched around the block. I was waiting for a friend by the door when Digweed arrived. I had met him the night before, and he graciously invited me to walk in with him. Because my friend (who later stood me up) was late, I told him I'd see him inside. Which turned out to be delusional.

After waiting another 30 minutes, I decided to go inside without him. But the doorman, who had witnessed the entire interaction with Digweed, looked like he had never seen me before. Another 30 minutes later, I had braved the hallway that made you feel like a cow en route to the slaughterhouse and walked into a crowd that seemed incredibly young by California standards. Feeling very out of place, I kept asking people who was playing. No one had the slightest clue.

I would like to say that the gods of clubland shined on me that night and whisked me and some supermodel into the DJ booth where I found musical nirvana. But the reality was less prosiac. I didn't know anyone, felt like I was the chaperone at the high school prom and figuring I'd just catch them next time around, I left an hour after I had pushed my way through the hellish hallway they funneled the crowd into. Who was I to know that the place would soon burn down and that I would spend the next seven or so years being told, "you shudda been there?"

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"Dance All Night"

By: Jordan Dawes

'Dance all night' takes on new meaning as you event on a night when these two can play and not be restricted by those pesky liquor laws, the ones most states of mind adhere too. New York is a prime example of late-night dance till you drop as doors stay open till 6am in the hometown of Sasha.

The energy is 2nd to none and being in the middle of the sound system means moving your body; a lot!

A typical five hour set includes one hour to warm your assets, then four hours to fully sweat, grind, and devour the dance floor.

Now, this is not for the timid, these hours and the pacing is pretty friggen full tilt boogie until the last Soulwax track that can't be touched by any other to ends the evening!

Smiles, hugs, kisses, and constant motion exemplify a Sasha and John Digweed experience. The cult-like fans remember the raves, but love the newer incarnation and fresh funky trance beats the dynamic duo provide.

Consistent hoots and hollers, with a touch of the Brazillian whistle, acompany the peaks and the about to be moments of audible extacy. Dance in control, in your zone, and do not flail out of control, otherwise be deemed a poor handler of your intoxicant and be shunned to the toilet bowl dance floor.

Stories of kick ass journeys and spatial enlightenment abound the 'off-piste' dance floor and downward corridors. Grins and exhaustion wane as the doors swing open and the sun sparkles in a new existence.

Sleep never was so adored.

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Show Details

Webster Hall


125 E. 11th St.
New York, NY 10003

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Hours: 10:00:00 PM - 7:00:00 AM
Info Lines: (212) 353-1600
Capacity: 3000
Ages: 19+

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Apr 09, 2008

In Philly yesterday, I think...

Credit: Jordan Dawes

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