There Is No There There

By: Neil Feineman

Of all the spots on the Spring Club Tour, few are unlikely as Columbus, Ohio, the home of Abercrombie and Fitch, the Buckeyes and Katzinger's Deli. Like, say, Austin, it's a city of a million people, the capitol and the home of one of the largest universities in the country. Unlike Austin, though, it's way more about football, beer and brats than it is about music. Even the gay district seems pretty straight, and there's no real underground because the arty types are painfully visible.

But the club scene, small as it is, has some of the nicest, well-intentioned and sincere people you're likely to meet anywhere. And the region, which incudes Pittsburgh, Cinncinatti and other places I don't know how to spell, is compact so fans from those cities are sure to be there. But so could a lot of Columbus' young country club set, who will get drunk and still want to be home by 11:30. So the crowd is sure to be a mixed bag,

Then there's the place, which is a combination yuppie/student indoor/outdoor hangout. So it's sort of like going to your local bar and being treated to a surprise visit from your favorite superstar DJ. You don't even have to pay for parking. As these things go, you're not likely to get as good a chance to see Sasha and Digweed this close and personal for a long, long time. Columbus, are you ready?

As to Katzinger's, it's one of those deli's that don't exist anymore. It's way more than 100 years old, has pickle barrels with real pickles and a mean potato knish. It's also carnivore-friendly so the meat-eaters in your group will probably find some variety of beef, ham or turkey to order. And it's within easy walking distance of the club.

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303 South Front St.
Columbus OH 43215

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Hours: 9:00:00 PM - 2:30:00 AM
Capacity: 1000
Ages: 18+

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Apr 17, 2008

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Travel Tips

The Book Loft of German Village. One of the quirkiest independent bookstores in the country, this ramshackle hole in the wall has 32 rooms of books, many unusued old remainders and hard-to-find books in an eccentric atmosphere. If you're read this far, you'll love it. And it's only two short blocks from Katzinger's.

Book Loft

631 S. Third St.


475 S. Third St.


Local contact:

Seth Yenderusiak