Long before Jack Kerouac left home, hipsters have gone on the road in search of identity, romance and adventure. But these days, thanks to GPS systems, Lonely Planet Guidebooks, Google, five dollar a gallon gas and $650 hotel rooms, the road trips can seem like an endangered species.

But endangered does not mean extinct. In fact, as 30daysontheroad.com is about to prove, the road trip is as alive and as vital as ever. Four times a year, it will take you along on a month-long odd-yssey that combines the best aspects of travel writing, pop culture and social networking into this generation's idea of travel journalism.

In the first edition, for instance, we go on the road with legendary DJs Sasha and John Digweed as they cross North America for their first tour in six years. Our goal is nothing less than discovering the face of electronic music in America, connecting fans from the Twilo and Delta Heavy eras with today's more minimal, rootsy sets. We'll meet college kids getting their taste of electronic music to 30something new parents, touching base with their past. We'll be at every gig, and take you wherever we go, from the parking lot straight to the DJ booth. And by the end, some 24 cities and 30 days later, we'll wrap it all up at Coachella, at their headlining set, far wiser, exhausted and better for the experience.

But all that will come soon enough. Right now, we're packing our bags and getting ready. About the only question that's left is an easy one. You coming?

Erlend Wilhelmsen
Joseph Rivera
Matt Gifford
Neil Feineman
Nichole Girard
C. Ryan Nash
Sara Apelkvist
Thomas Wilhelmsen
Clayton Kjos
Mike Bowie
Jordan Dawes


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